Kings Madina Dates

April 30, 2014
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April 29, 2014

An international supplier of various forms of date fruit grown in the city of Madina in Saudi Arabia.


Kings Madina Dates


Web, Animation, Photography, Social Media


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Kings Madina Dates had already been trading a number of years and had a loyal client base but the owners knew they needed a to re brand and re market to make a statement. The previous branding, designs and digital presence was tired and lacked character and creativity. I was consulted through a referral and that is where this working relationship started.

The client knew exactly what he wanted and was great to communicate his ideas, this really helped as it provided the project with a foundation and a benchmark. The client wanted the brand to stand out in this unique market, to attract a new customer base and to establish a solid presence as a leader of supplying date fruit products. My consultations were very productive and we set milestones for the entire project that began from scratch and moved onto branding, label design, product photography, website and digital media.

We started from the very beginning as I insisted a new logo is required to set the right tone, thus we created a smart and stylish new logo that now looked like a brand amongst other household ethnic food brands. This then allowed us to pay attention on the packaging design where we created a theme and followed this through on all products. KMD was now bought to life. The design theme continued on various print marketing and eventually onto digital. I worked very closely with the client to create a website product portfolio that gave a true experience of the range of products as well as keeping a very stylish, elegant and Arabian theme. The site was designed by scratch and the results were phenomenal. This client has been very pleased with the outcome and has seen a massive increase in profits and brand exposure

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