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April 25, 2014
April 22, 2014

Hammock Properties, a new way of living, solutions for the 21st century dweller

Finding the right place to live in crowded cities is becoming an uphill struggle. Furthermore the pressure is also added to landlords and agents to find suitable and vetted tenants to avoid issues and missed rent payments. Hammock Properties is a solution for all who are encountering these issues. They approached me with their new branding in place and through referral were told I could help them with their website needs.

The client was great to work with as they knew exactly what they wanted and were very proactive in getting information after my consultation. I was provided the content as per my request and together we decided on suitable images to use for the site. The end result is a smart and sophisticated website, with fresh colours, high pixel images and a seamless flow to the content. The client was particular about responsive mobile) experience and we have an amazing transition in place to deliver a great experience for people on the move.


Hammock Properties


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